Body, Speech, Mind
The Void
Thought or not
Supreme yogi
Fierce yogi with abstraction
Chuffed yogi with abstraction
Intense yogi
Lost yogi
Stunned yogi
Alert yogi
Advanced yogi
Visionary yogi
Posture yogi
Projecting yogi
Flaming yogi
Dazzled yogi
Blank yogi
Dizzy yogi
Distracted yogi
Young artist with work
Dualism, detail
Dualism, detail
Basics, detail
Basics, detail
Good, Bad, Ugly
Good, Bad, Ugly, detail
Good, Bad, Ugly, detail
Occupiers, detail
No More Selfing
No More Selfing, detail
Dialectics, detail
Dialectics, detail
Human Endeavour
Human Endeavour, detail
No Never
No Never, detail
No Never, detail
The Psychophysical Aggregates
The Psychophysical Aggregates, detail
That, detail
Void Knot
Void Knot, detail
Making Ideas Is a Bad Idea
Nobody Home
Difference Is Old School
The Future Is Not What It Was
No Delusion
No to Ambition
No Doubt
Facticity for the Feeble
Impersonal Urges
Intentionality Runs Itself
There is No Other
Purpose is Easy
Why Slave for the Me
We Are Them (and so are you)
The More Vague the More Real
No Divine Will No Free Will No Forced Will
No Demand
Knowing Is No Idea
Concepts Are Crude
There Are No Things
Normality Is the Altered State
Weather the Emotional Weather
Thoughts Come and Go
Knowing Has No Object
Goodbye Identity
Introspection Is Extrospection
No One to Blame
The Real Is a Quality Not a Quantity
Dreams Are Real - This Is A Dream
Where Are My Socks
There Are No Beginnngs and No Ends
There Is No Chaos Beyond Mind
Paralyse the Mind
Meaning Is Overrated
Rational Judgment Is a Myth
Time of the Bat
Time of the Bat, detail
Yantra (machine)
Yantra, detail
The Real
The Real, detail
The Real (painted poem)
Peakers, detail
The Manipulators
The Manipulators, detail
From Dudmen to Nullifiers
From Dudmen to Nullifiers, detail
Stalker, detail
Generator, detail
Generator, detail
Early Work
Early Work, detail
Monkey Mind
Monkey Mind, detail
Superabundance, detail
The Connoisseurs
The Connoisseurs, detail
The Connoisseurs, detail
The Search
The Search, detail
Extros, Nada, Ouch, 1, triptych
Extros, Nada, Ouch 2, triptych
Extros, Nada, Ouch 3, triptych
Space Eater, detail
Space Eater,detail
Extraurban, detail
Omniassimilate Ectoexpression
Omniassimilate Ectoexpression, detail
Omniassimilate Ectoexpression, detail
Metaemanate Autocatharsis, detail
Metaemanate Autocatharsis
Metaemanate Autocatharsis, detail
Polyfrustrate the Infoplex

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Dialectics, detail

pencil, collage, acrylics, 162cm x 132cm 2018