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Ole Hagen published his first collection of poetry Lemon In Orbit with Pindrop Press 2021.Other published creative and critical writing include Theatricality and the Legacy of Performance, catalogue essay Staging the Artwork, Article Gallery, Birmingham (2015).The Real, poem published in Art Licks magazine Issue 16. (2015) The Anti-Materialist Ontology of Mystical Realism: How Speculation can work against the speculative absolute, Zetesis, Vol 1, Nr. 2 (2013). Maximum City, catalogue essay for Young In Hong and Suhasini Kejriwal (2012). Nowhere Less Now, for Lindsay Seers’ Artangel exhibition (2012), Visual Models and New Cosmology, for conference Making Visible the Invisible, University of Huddersfield (2011), Towards an Ontology of Immanence and Introspection for conference Towards a Science of Consciousness, Stockholm (2011), Travelling Beyond Reason catalogue essay for Lindsay Seers in Altermodern, Tate Britan, The Placebo of Love for Five Years Gallery periodical (2008), On Steinkrüge and Billy Goats, catalogue essay for United We Fall, Mark Pearson and Annie Whiles at Standpoint Gallery (2008), Entropy, Matter, Norm for Plastasine Fantazine produced for Art Writing Beyond Criticism, ICA (2008).


Exhibition publication 39 pages
for Danielle Arnaud Contemporary Art, London 2009
curator Ole Hagen
Texts by Ole Hagen and Kit Poulson
Design by Divus
ISBN: 978-0-95588721-4-3

Multiverse Expanded

Exhibition publication 47 pages
for Akershus Kunstsenter, Lillestrøm 2011
curator Ole Hagen
Texts by Michael Moorcock
Ole Hagen, Plastique Fantastique, Alicia Paz and Kit Poulson
Design by Fraser Muggeridge Studio
ISBN: 978-1-900813-10-5

Dark Matter; Ole Hagen Presents Daniil Kharms & Henri Michaux

3D cartoon (images) by Ole Hagen 21 pages 2010
texts by Daniil Kharms & Henri Michaux 
3D design by Per Kvalvaag
print/design Divus
ISBN: 978-80-86450-49-0


‘All they wanted to do was to pull him by the hair. They had no desire to hurt him. All at once they ripped his head off. Surely it wasn’t on tight. It never comes off just like that…’

Nowhere Less Now

A narrative on the work of Lindsay Seers 189 pages 
for Lindsay Seers Artangel exhibition at The Tin Tabernacle 2012 
commissioned and published by Artangel 
Design by Keith Sargent at imprint ltd. 
Edited by Amy Botfield 
Printed by CPI Group 
ISBN: 1 902201 27 2

Lemon In Orbit

Poetry collection

Published 2021

By Pindrop Press

Cover image: Ole Hagen 2021

Design: Pindop Press

70 pages

ISBN: 978-1-8384373-1-2


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